At EI made simple, we develop high-performing, highly engaged teams using Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral training. We are East Tennessee's go-to source for EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments and Emotional Intelligence Mentor Coaching. 

The development of Emotional Intelligence or EI is the difference maker for organizations. Research has shown that sales people with higher emotional intelligence are between 48% to 220% more valuable and productive than employees with average EI. 

Emotional Intelligence is also shown to have a high Return on Investment(ROI). Click here for a demonstration of ROI in organizations.


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Our training and coaching programs are designed to help your organization increase its performance and ensure that each member of your team excels in their position.

Increase sales | Improve communication-both internally and externally | Increase employee engagement | Increase customer satisfaction

The face of hiring is changing in light of the economic crisis. Harvard management professor Bill George weighs in on how a company should approach measuring emotional intelligence.